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Summer 2022 Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition is priced per credit. To calculate the tuition for a course, you multiply the per-credit tuition by the total number of credits per course, unless the total number of course contact hours is greater than the total number of credits. In such cases, the tuition is instead multiplied by the total number of contact hours. Note: Tuition for all undergraduate programs offered through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies is the same whether you live in Massachusetts or out-of-state. Tuition for all online graduate courses is also the same whether you live in-state or out-of-state.

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Summer 2022 Tuition

Per Credit / Contact Hour


Undergraduate Face-to-Face Courses
(Except Undergraduate Courses at Haverhill Campus)
Undergraduate Face-to-Face Courses at Haverhill Campus $300.00
Undergraduate Online Courses
(Except Undergraduate Online Business* Courses)
Undergraduate Online Business* Courses $385.00


Graduate Online Courses
(Except Graduate Online Business*, IT, Engineering and Education Courses)
Graduate Online Business* Courses $655.00
Graduate Online IT and Engineering Courses** $590.00
Graduate Online Education Courses $470.00
Graduate On-Campus / Virtual Courses View Here

*Applies to courses with the following prefixes: ACCT, BUSI, ENTR, FINA, MGMT, MKTG, MIST, POMS offered through the Manning School of Business

**Applies to courses with the following prefixes: CHEN, CIVE, EECE, ENGN, MECH, PLAS offered through the Francis College of Engineering. Applies also to MSIT courses in the Master's in Information Technology, Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and the Graduate Certificate in Systems Models and Management.

Rate will increase slightly in Fall 2022. Only the Ed.D. in Leadership in Schooling will see an increase. All other graduate education programs will remain at $470 per credit.

The cost to audit a course will be charged the rates listed above.

Additional Fees

Registration Fee per Term $30.00
Late Fee for Nonpayment $50.00
Fee for Undergraduate Degree Application $60.00
Fee for Graduate Degree and Certificate Applications (for all programs except Francis College of Engineering and Manning School of Business) $50.00
Fee for Graduate Degree and Certificate Applications, Francis College of Engineering and Manning School of Business Programs $75.00

Traditional On-Campus Tuition

Tuition for Traditional Undergraduate Students Taking On-Campus Courses

Graduate On-Campus and Virtual Classroom Tuition

Graduate tuition rates vary by program, delivery format and semester (fall/spring vs. summer). UMass Lowell charges the same tuition for on-campus and virtual classroom courses in the fall and spring, with some exceptions. Learn more about the university's graduate on-campus and virtual classroom tuition rates in fall/spring and in summer.

Student E-Billing Information

View your bill online at Your bill will not be sent to you in the mail. A notification email is sent to your UMass Lowell student email account when a new bill has been generated.

For more information, please visit the UMass Lowell Solution Center.

Paying Your Bill is as Easy as 1-2-3!

With our payment vendor, Flywire, you can see real-time balances, information regarding your payment plan, set up automatic payments and make payments in international currencies in your native language.

  1. Login in to SiS Student Self Service Center
  2. Click on Finance Center, then Payment Options
  3. Choose your payment option

View My Account & Payment Options

Online payments can be made using eChecks (no fee) and credit/debit cards (2.5% convenience fee).

Online Payments


Make payments quickly and easily with no service fee from your checking or savings account using a U.S. bank. You will need the routing number for your bank and your account number.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

UMass Lowell's payment vendor accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express with a 2.5% convenience fee assessed on each credit card or debit card transaction.

Pay by Monthly Payment Plan

Monthly payment plans by semester are offered through Flywire. Semester bills can be divided into five-, four- or three-monthly payments. The earlier you are able to sign up, the smaller the monthly payments will be.

Payment plans enable you to pay the tuition, fees, and room and board (if applicable), in smaller, more affordable payments rather than in a lump sum. A payment plan is not a loan program and there are no finance or interest charges.

International Students

You can pay in your native language and currency with multiple payment options available. UMass Lowell does not charge a transaction fee for this service, however banks may charge a service fee. Log into the SiS Student Self Service Center to see the payment options for your country.

Pay by Mail


Please make checks payable to the "University of Massachusetts Lowell." Checks, money orders or bank checks can be dropped off at The Solution Center in University Crossing or mailed to:

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Student Financial Services Office
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite M30
Lowell, MA 01854-5110


UMass Lowell does not accept cash for the payment of student tuition, fees, room or meal plan charges.

Please note: The University of Massachusetts Lowell will only accept payments that cover educational expenses, i.e., tuition and fees, on-campus housing and meal plans. Funds received in excess of these charges will either be held on account for a future semester or returned to the sender's bank.

Overdue Accounts

Students will be permitted to attend class and to utilize facilities only after they have cleared all their financial obligations to the University. In addition, student transcripts and diplomas will not be released until all debts have been paid.

All students are advised that the University uses the services of collection agencies authorized under the Commonwealth's Master Service Agreement. Students with a prior semester balance who are not enrolled for the current semester and are referred to a collection agency are held liable for all associated collection fees, which may be substantial.

UML Day Students

Courses offered through Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS) are not covered by your undergraduate day school student tuition and fees. In registering for GPS courses, you will be charged separate GPS tuition and fees in addition to your full-time day student tuition and fees.

Directed Studies

Directed Studies, Departmental exams, Practicums, Internships, Applied Music Lessons, etc. are considered Special Programs and, as such, tuition remission and, credits/waivers, and certificates of eligibility cannot be accepted.

Tuition Credits & Waivers

The Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS) accepts tuition credits (formerly known as tuition waivers). Tuition credits vary by category. The chart below is a summary of tuition credits for some categories. For questions concerning tuition credits, eligibility requirements or university financial aid, please email the Solution Center at Please note that not every online course through the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies is eligible for tuition credits. Tuition credits are also not available for blended, off-campus, directed studies, departmental exams, practicums and internships.

A tuition credit form is required for each academic semester attended and must be submitted prior to or during the semester to which the tuition credit will be applied. Retroactive tuition credits will not be honored.

Tuition Credit Eligibility Summary

Additional requirements for tuition credits can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education website at For questions concerning tuition credits, eligibility requirements or university financial aid, please email the Solution Center at

Categorical Tuition Credits (MA Department of Higher Education) Full-Time UG - Day** Full-Time GR - Day*** GPS In Person UG GPS In Person GR GPS Online UG and GR
Clients of Mass Rehab/Commission for the Blind* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 100% Tuition 0% 0%
Native American* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 100% Tuition (Effective
Summer 2019)
0% 0%
Senior Citizens* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 100% Tuition 0% 0%
Veterans* $727/sem, $1454/year $818.64/sem, $1637.28/yr 100% Tuition 100% 0%
Other Tuition Credits Full-Time UG - Day** Full-Time GR - Day*** GPS In Person UG GPS In Person GR GPS Online UG and GR
DCF Adopted Children* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 0% 0% 0%
DCF Foster Children* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 0% 0% 0%
John and Abigail Adams* $727/sem , $1454/year 0% 0% 0% 0%
Stanley Koplick Certificate of Mastery* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 0% 0% 0%
Valedictorian* $727/sem, $1454/year 0% 0% 0% 0%

*All requirements must be met in order to receive a tuition credit. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Permanent legal resident of Massachusetts for at least one year prior to the opening of the academic year
  • U.S. citizen or non-citizen eligible under Title IV regulations
  • Compliance with Selective Service Registration
  • Not in default on any federal or state student loans for attendance at any institution or owe a refund for any previous financial aid received
  • Enrolled in at least 3 undergraduate credits per semester in a state-supported undergraduate degree or certificate program
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in accordance with institutional and federal standards

** Additional requirements for these tuition credits can be found on the MA Department of Higher Education's Office of Student Financial Assistance website:

*** Full-time GR is based on 9 credits. Tuition credits will be applied up to a maximum of 12 credits at the rate of $1091.50/sem or $2183/yr.

GPS = Graduate, Online & Professional Studies
UG = Undergraduate
GR = Graduate

Veterans' Information

We invite all veterans to contact the Office of Veterans Services at 978-934-2461 or for information on VA benefits and state veterans credits/waivers. Credits/waivers must be requested by students matriculated in an undergraduate or graduate degree program through the Office of Veterans Services. Merit- and need-based assistance grants for online courses may be available to veterans who are presently enrolled in undergraduate degree and certificate programs.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens (60 years or older) who are Massachusetts residents may attend in-person classes in the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies undergraduate credit programs tuition-free provided they are matriculated in a degree or certificate program. Proof of Massachusetts residency (i.e., MA state taxes, mortgage statement, letter from Town or City Hall or voter's registration) and birth date, a copy of Massachusetts driver's license and an Application for Massachusetts Categorical Tuition Credits must be provided annually at the time of registration. Please Note: We cannot guarantee that an undergraduate degree or certificate offered through Graduate, Online & Professional Studies can be completed entirely with on-campus in-person courses. The tuition-free course benefit does not apply to online courses.

Third Party Payment

All students using company direct payment, military plans, state tuition credits/waivers, or veterans' credits/waivers must mail original authorization forms to:

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Student Financial Services Office
220 Pawtucket Street, Suite M30
Lowell, MA 01854-5110

Copies and/or faxes of tuition credits/waivers cannot be honored.  Students receiving company reimbursement must prepay their own tuition. The University does not honor company reimbursement contingent upon grades.

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from the University or drop all of their courses during the add/drop period will receive a 100% adjustment to tuition and fees for the semester except for the following:

  1. Students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons will forfeit all rights to a tuition and fee adjustment.
  2. Any book voucher monies advanced to students and used at the bookstore. Students should contact the bookstore at (978) 934-2623 for the refund policy on books and materials purchased directly from them.
  3. Residence hall charges and meal plan charges follow a different refund schedule. Students should contact the Residence Life Office at (978) 934-5115 for further assistance.

Please note: There are no adjustments to tuition and fee charges if students withdraw or drop classes after the add/drop period of the academic semester.

Student records will be cleared and appropriate refunds will be awarded, only after outstanding University bills (library fines, parking fines, etc.) are paid and all University-owned property is returned. If debts remain unpaid, students' academic permanent records will not be released and students will not be readmitted to the University.

Direct Deposit for Refunds

You can have refunds from UMass Lowell deposited directly into your bank account. For detailed instructions, visit:

Health Insurance

All matriculating, undergraduate students, regardless of credit hours, and all matriculating graduate students enrolled in nine or more credit hours will be charged for health insurance. All matriculating international students, regardless of credit hours, are required to accept a Student Health Insurance Plan. This does not apply to students who are taking all of their program online. If the student has at least one on-campus course, and has enough total credits to be full-time, they are eligible for health insurance. Students who have comparable health insurance may apply on SIS to waive the charge. Please see the Student Financial Services website and the Health Services website at for additional information. Please note that all students who withdraw from or drop all of their classes within the first 31 days (calendar days) of the academic semester are not allowed to be enrolled in the University student health insurance plan. Students taking only online courses will not be eligible for the student insurance.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who qualify. Financial aid consists of grants, scholarships, loans, student employment, credits/waivers, reimbursement programs, and other financial arrangements. Students must be matriculated in an eligible degree or certificate program and be enrolled in courses required for that program to receive financial aid. To apply for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA), available online at

Financial aid is applied to students' charges following the end of the add/drop period.

Students who withdraw from the University after receiving financial aid will be reviewed to determine the amount of financial aid the student earned prior to withdrawing. Students who withdraw may be required to return some or all financial aid. For more information about financial aid eligibility, please go to

Correct Social Security Number/Tax Identification Number

The University of Massachusetts Lowell must obtain your correct social security number (SSN) to file certain information returns with the IRS as well as to furnish a statement to you. The returns the University must file contain information about qualified tuition and related expenses (Form 1098-T, Tuition Payments Statement). The information about your tuition will help to determine whether you, or the person who can claim you as a dependent, may take an education tax deduction.

For additional information on Financial policies and procedures, see

Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to change. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this website. However, the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies (GPS) reserves the right to make changes of any nature in its program, calendar, procedures and standards, degree requirements and academic schedules (including without limitations, changes in course content and class schedules), locations, tuition, and fees. Whenever possible, appropriate notice of such changes will be given before they become effective. When changes are necessary, GPS exerts reasonable efforts to provide comparable or substantially equivalent instructional services and facilities for those originally designated. However, GPS assumes no liability for failure to deliver or for delay in delivering such services (including those in support of academic functions or student life) when the causes for such failure or delay are beyond the reasonable control of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies – which causes include, without limitation, the following: power failure, fire, accident, natural disaster, work slowdown and strikes, loss of personnel, and acts of public authorities. In registering for courses, each student assumes full responsibility for knowledge of and compliance with the definitions, regulations, and procedures for the University as set forth in the appropriate publications and bulletins.

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