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The Plastics Engineering Seminars at the University of Massachusetts Lowell are highly respected throughout the plastics industry as a proven method of gaining both theoretical and practical information. Offered by the Division of Graduate, Online & Professional Studies and the Department of Plastics Engineering for more than 30 years, these seminars provide effective technical instruction applicable to plastics materials, processes, design and quality control. Seminars are taught by world-renowned faculty and industry leaders.

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For more information about UMass Lowell's Plastics Seminars please contact:
Jacqueline White

Summer 2022 Seminar Schedule

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Course/Instructor Dates Course # Price
March 8-10
PLSM.7170 $1,850 Register Now
Injection Molding
Dr. Stephen Johnston
June 13-17
PLSM.7160 $2,250 Register Now
August 8-12
00.716-012 $2,250 Register Now
Dr. Anne Soucy
July 18-20
PLSM.7280 $1,850 Register Now
Polymer Foaming
Dr. Amir Ameli
June 20-22
PLSM.7770 $1,850 Register Now


Course/Instructor Dates Course # Price
Injection Mold Design
Steve Thibeault
June 6-8
PLSM.5260 $1,850 Register Now
July 12-14
PLSM.5260 $1,850 Register Now
June 6-9
PLSM.5250 $2,000 Register Now
July 12-15
PLSM.5250 $2,000 Register Now


Course/Instructor Dates Course # Price
June 13-14
PLSM.8460 $1,550 Register Now
June 20-23
PLSM.6670 $2,000 Register Now
July 18-21
PLSM.6670 $2,000 Register Now
August 8-11
PLSM.6670 $2,000 Register Now
June 23-24
PLSM.8420 $1,550 Register Now
Plastics and Sustainability
Dr. Ramaswamy Nagarajan and Dr. Wan Ting (Grace) Chen
August 1-2
PLSM.6540 $1,550 Register Now