FTP settings for Dreamweaver | Tutorials

Tutorial of Connecting to FTP server (ceweb.uml.edu) Using Dreamweaver

Site Configuration

When setting up your new site in the Site Setup window:

  1. Click Servers
  2. Click the plus icon and enter the following:
    • Server Name: Student FTP on ceweb
    • Connect using: FTP over SSL/TLS (implicit encryption)
    • FTP Address: ceweb.uml.edu
    • Port: 990
    • Username: your user name
    • Password: your password
    • Web URL: http://ceweb.uml.edu/
    • Authentication: Trusted server

More Options

  1. Check Use Passive FTP
  2. Check Use IPV6 Transfer Mode
  3. Check Use FTP performance optimization
dreamweaver screenshot - FTP settings

How do I view the web pages I've uploaded?

  1. Open your web browser (Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome etc.).
  2. In the URL box enter a web address using this format: http://servername/username/filename

If Jane Doe were taking a class, she would type in: http://ceweb.uml.edu/jdoe/index.html

Can I get help with this if I'm having trouble?

Contact Weiping Zhen at: