Applying to a Program

Thank you for your interest in UMass Lowell.

Below is a brief overview of the steps you will take to complete your application, (there is a different application process if you are applying to a graduate program in engineering). We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer, though you can also apply using a mobile device.

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1. Register a New Account

You will need to register a new account with a username, password and valid email address. On the next screen, select "New User Registration" to proceed. Once your account is started, you can log in at any time to complete your application.

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2. Personal Information

Provide some personal information including your full name, contact info and demographic data. Students seeking financial aid have the option of providing a social security or visa/permit number, though it is not required at this time.

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3. Educational Background

Provide information about educational institutions that you have previously attended. This includes the option of listing college-level courses that you have already completed.

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4. Payment and Submission

There is a $60 fee for undergraduate degree applicants and a $50 fee for graduate applicants. There is no fee to apply to an undergraduate certificate program. Visa, Discover and Mastercard are accepted.